Types of Braces

Types of Braces

Falls Orthodontics is proud to offer many treatment options.



Self-Ligating braces
Self-Ligating braces are braces that don’t require ligature ties; they clip into the brackets with a special connection. They use the traditional arch wire and highly technical brackets, without the use of rubber bands. Self ligating brackets offer many benefits, to include:


Decreasing the bulk in a patient’s mouth, offering more comfort

A more esthetic appearance

More time between appointments

Less “chair time” at appointments

Faster treatment time

A sleek design, meaning less plaque and tartar buildup

Falls Orthodontics is proud to offer In-Ovation® brackets for comprehensive treatment. These self-ligating braces need fewer appointments because traditional ligature elastics don’t need to be replaced. A traditional bracket would require an adjustment every 4 weeks, while In-Ovation®  brackets can be adjusted 6-8 weeks apart. Fewer appointments means less time being sore after appointments, and a shorter treatment time means your smile is straight sooner!