Other Orthodontia

Other Orthodontia

Falls Orthondics offers treatment using many types of appliances.



Expander (Rapid Maxillary Expander)
An expander is a device typically used before braces. Its goal is to widen the upper jaw to create space for erupting teeth. A disproportionate position of the upper and lower jaw to each other can often be addressed early, resolving issues that could develop into more significant problems later. An expander can help to create better facial balance as the child develops. Expander treatment can last from 6 to 12 months. Parents are heavily involved in this treatment, because the expander has to be “turned” with a small tool.


Lingual Holding Arch
A Lingual Holding Arch is an arch that is banded on the back molars, and works to retain the spaced gained when the baby teeth are lost. This is a temporary appliance, only remaining in the mouth to maintain space.


Elastics are prescribed by Dr. Cermin as an extra force to move your teeth and bite into the proper position! Wearing the elastics in the configuration your orthodontic assistant demonstrated moves your teeth in a way that can’t be done with braces alone. It’s important to wear them as prescribed by Dr. Cermin to ensure efficient treatment. Before leaving your appointment, be sure to grab a few bags of elastics in the correct size. Call our office if you have any questions, or need more elastics.


While in braces, we strongly recommend wearing a mouthguard during any contact sports. This protects your teeth, your appliance, and can prevent or lessen a head injury. These are available from your orthodontic assistant, or at the reception desk. When you’ve finished treatment with braces, we heath capability of providing a molded, fitted mouthguard for any athlete. Ask an orthodontic assistant, or call to schedule an appointment.


Lingual retention wire
A Lingual retention wire is a metal wire occasionally placed behind the teeth when treatment is complete. This is a permanent, slim wire that remains in a patient’s mouth indefinitely. It is one of the methods that can be utilized to keep your teeth in place; when used with your retainer, these will give you the best long-term results with your treatment.


Headgear is an important part of orthodontic treatment, and when used correctly, can make significant changes in the position of the jaws. The appliance acts as an exterior anchor to modify facial growth, and to move the teeth into place. Teeth are easy to move using a consistent, gentle force, and a headgear can provide the force needed to continue treatment. A headgear appliance is used at night or when a patient is inactive, such as reading or watching TV.